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The Ultimate World Order (as pictured in The Jewish Utopia)

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The Ultimate World Order (as pictured in The Jewish Utopia)

Published 1957

Purports to expose a plan for Jewish world domination that the author found in a secret annex of the library of the University of Texas. (of all places...)

Publisher Santa Ana, Cal. : Williams Publications
Year 1957
Language English
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


Reviewer: nashoomoo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 30, 2012
Reviewer: Jonathan Price - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 10, 2009
Subject: Re: biophile
Let's see now, who should an objective person believe...Major Robert Williams of American Counter Intelligence fame or an intellectually-challenged, anonymous internet poster?

"You know, Russian gangsters DO HAVE ISRAELI PASSPORTS!!"

What a simpleton you are! FYI, these 'Russian' gangsters are JEWS!!!

"All I can say, is please don't take this as indicative of the Texan mindset. Most of us aren't batty"

All I can say, is: most of YOU are pathetically Jew-ignorant!

Reviewer: univbookman - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 8, 2009
Subject: Williams as a prophet
I first came across this little book in 1962. At that time, I thought it was crazy that Williams would predict that Zionism would survive Communism. Well, it has, which seemed impossible at the time. Also, Zionism is powerful. The USA spent one trillion dollars on the Iraq war for the benefit of Israel. Now there is a move to get us to confront Iran.
Reviewer: dudeman5685 - - February 21, 2009
Subject: Its at the Ransom center
As I understand it, the copy of this book that Williams used is at the Henry Ransom center at UT. The Ransom center isn't exactly part of the regular collection, you have to pay to become a member, and can't take books out.

Never the less, a 1932 edition of this book wouldn't be hard to find, if one will just use ILL. In any event, its just Williams bizarre imagination that gives both texts their historical interest.
Reviewer: biophile - favorite - January 28, 2009
Subject: if only this were a joke
seriously? do you people have nothing better to do? this is an interesting book, but only as a study in the effects of cultural alienation in modernized U.S.A. from a psychological perspective. Semyon Mogilevich is a Jewish gangster in the same way Capone was an American Gangster. Semyon is also a man, a meat-eater, and, if I understand correctly, a collector of fine art. Where are those conspiracies? You know, Russian gangsters DO HAVE ISRAELI PASSPORTS!!...But wait, they also have passports to everywhere other country with a printer, (because they're in the MAFIA). And if Rahm Emanuel is going to control the government-that's one Jewish guy against over two hundred white male Christians, so best of luck to him. It wasn't mentioned because he's a small fry who hasn't done anything yet. How many Bush cabinet members could you name? Heads of major bureaucracy? And how many of those made headline news?

Oh, and it is available in the online catalog at UT, open to any student at the university to checkout. I like how this is all "in plain english" and then all of a sudden it's couched in the most secretive teaching of the Talmud, which this hack somehow knows, even though he's apparently been studying communism...The book trails off at the end of some pages, sometimes in mid-sentence, with no explanation and no end somewhere later in the text.This person is clearly deranged- he starts off pointing out that Prof. Higger, the author, did not believe in this Zionist idea, but merely gathered all of the information into a book. Skip ahead several long, rambling pages and you find him talking about the Zionist utopia, "as longed for by Professor Higger and the Talmudic rabbis".

Even according to his own excerpts, such a Zionist system would not judge one's righteousness based on faith. This guy's big worry is the loss of the Nordic race, to the "less white", or even the "faces behind alien masks". All I can say, is please don't take this as indicative of the Texan mindset. Most of us aren't batty
Reviewer: petite-chatte - favorite - January 24, 2009
Subject: Vidmonko
My question is: where do the vermin of vidmonko ilk are spawned and what rock do they crawl from under?
Reviewer: vidmonko - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 19, 2009
Subject: Powerful and Eye-Opening!
I see this is a pretty popular download, and I can see why! The present massacre in Gaza and plans to attack Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, the economic meltdown, bailout, foreclosures, culture of porn and perversion, growing police state, loss of fundamental freedoms and rights, and many other social indicators are evidence of the truth written in this book. By the way, did you know that the new chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is a former Israeli citizen and the media hasn't even once mentioned that he is Jewish? HELLO!! Did you know that "the most dangerous man in the world," Semyon Mogilevich, a Jewish Mega Mob leader, controls much of the world economy and owns the entire Hungarian armaments industry and, like other Jewish mobsters, is immune from prosecution because of the power he possesses? Did you know that the entire Russian Mafia is Jewish and they all possess Israeli passports? That they murder women and children, policemen, even torture them, and nothing is ever done about it? Connect the dots. It may be time for some good old fashioned vigilanteism if our courts of law are so corrupt that these human devils can kill anyone they want with impunity.
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